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Cute Poison

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  • kamu_i@livejournal.com
HI! my name is stacey , no, I'm not from england ! I'm from the Netherlands! I'm proud to be a Dutch 'gothic lolita', well... working to become a gothic/sweet/punk lolita XD (but like some people say dutch lolita's can't dress) I think they're wrong!!! I 'know' a few dutch lolita's and they're incredible dressed!
I love to hang out on the internet and searching for beautiful pictures.
I am studying as a graphic designer and I really love it! my school is located in Rotterdam, and it's really nice! I like games,anime and manga! I actually prefer manga above anime, my favorite games are final fantasy series and kingdom hearts, manga's that I own are;
-Planet ladder
-Alichino (that fourth volume has to come out!!)
-Juvenile Orion
-the one I love
-some DBZ volumes

some anime I possess:
-Chrno Crusade
-spirited away
-kenshin OAV
-Fruits Basket

I hope you all like my livejournal, *teehee*
Let's get started!